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Do you know what drink driving could cost you?

Having a breathalyzer is ever so crucial as drink driving remains one of the biggest killers on Australian roads. In Victoria, around a quarter of drivers killed in road accidents had a BAC of .05 or more.

Testing your BAC before driving can not only save your life and that of others, but also save yourself from heavy penalties. In the interest of road safety, each state has set up penalties for those caught driving under the influence.

Losing your license means that in addition to being unable to drive anywhere, you may be stuck paying a loan for a car you can't use. With most licenses having a 12 point allowance, being caught for even a single drink driving offence is something best avoided.

Additionally, courts now have a higher tendency to order repeat offenders to install alcohol interlock devices in their cars, which can be not only embarrassing but also very expensive with installation, monthly maintenance costs, calibration costs, and more.

Less expensive than a drink driving conviction or an alcohol interlock in your car - an AlcoSense personal breathalyzer. By monitoring your own BAC with a breathalyzer, you can always know with certainty when it is safe for you to start driving again, especially the morning after when you may feel sober but still have alcohol in your system. Get one from AlcoSense for yourself, your mates, or employees to prevent drink driving.

Drink driving penalties by state

First Offence
Subsequent Offences


As much as $3300, 18 months imprisonment and indefinite disqualification
As much as $5500, 2 years imprisonment and indefinite disqualification


Between 10 demerit points to cancellation AND $305.35 to $519.10 fine
Attend Magistrate's Court



6 demerit points, $500-$1200 fine or up to 3 months imprisonment
6 demerit points, $1500-$2500 fine or up to 6 months imprisonment


Up to $1650 fine and/or up to 9 months imprisonment
Up to $2200 fine and/or up to 12 months imprisonment