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Drink Driving is one of the most significant causes of road trauma in Australia and a serious offcence. Without a breathalyzer, you could be driving without knowing it

Need help choosing a breathalyzer?

Whether you're after a breathalyzer for yourself, a friend, your workplace or your venue, AlcoSense has the right one for you

AlcoSense® Fuel Cell Technology

Our breathalyzers are fitted with some of the most advanced fuel cell technology, designed for higher accuracy and ongoing reliability even after long term use.
Find out more about our fuel cell technology here

The World's First Hassle-Free Calibration

Our calibration management plans are designed to help you maintain your breathalyzers more efficiently while helping you save on costs.
Learn more about how you can benefit from our unique service here

Why do you need a breathalyzer?

There are many drivers who think they are obeying the law by not driving home drunk, but are in fact breaking it by getting into their cars the morning after a night of drinking. By monitoring your own BAC with a breathalyzer, you can always know with certainty when it is safe for you to start driving again, especially the morning after when you may feel sober but still have alcohol in your system.

AlcoSense® Lifetime Guarantee

Your Breathalyzer is covered by our AlcoSense Guarantee as long as you keep it calibrated every 6 months from the date of purchase



The AlcoSense® Zenith+

Highly advanced fuel cell technology

Australian Standards AS3547 Certified.

Integrated mouthpiece for personal breath testing wherever you are.