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About Us

AlcoSense offers durable, reliable and high quality breathalyzers to promote workplace and driver safety in Australia and across the globe.


AlcoSense, the alcohol testing division of Andatech, pioneered the industrial and consumer market for breath alcohol testers in Australia. Based on the premise that Aussies like a drink, AlcoSense wanted to develop a way for people to enjoy a beer at the pub and not risk the possibility of losing their licence on the way home. AlcoSense first offered breathalyzers in to the Australian market in 2003 as an entry level safety device to be used by people consuming alcohol. In 2004, AlcoSense was the first company in Australia to receive the Australian Standard for a breathalyser under $200.

Dedicated to keeping you safe

AlcoSense expanded its product line to include technology used in police grade breathalyzers, rolling out a diverse range of fuel cell-based breath alcohol tester for professional and industrial use. AlcoSense now partners with health clinics, hospitals, construction companies, aviation businesses, mining sites and other professional organisations for alcohol testing and alcohol screening applications.AlcoSense invest heavily in research and development, with a dedicated team continually looking for innovative, cutting edge technology to be utilised in every circumstance. Utilising personnel, industry expertise, facilities, resources and ISO 9001-2008 quality management systems from parent company Andatech, AlcoSense continue from strength to strength. 

Looking forward

We invest heavily in research and development to ensure that our breathalyzers are accurate and reliable. Our dedicated team continually looks for innovative, cutting-edge technology to be utilised in every circumstance. A majority of our breathalysers are Australian Standard AS3547 Certified to better ensure that our standards in safety are always met.

Only offering durable, reliable and high quality breath alcohol testers, AlcoSense remains the industry leader in personal and professional breathalyzer distribution, promoting driver and workplace safety in Australia and across the globe.

When it comes to employee alcohol screening, driver safety and workplace policy compliance, AlcoSense breathalyzers is your answer.

AlcoSense: Seriously important, seriously easy.


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