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Sensor Management for AlcoSense Zenith


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Zero down time on calibrations. Get a sensor shipped directly to you every 6 months!

A cost-effective and efficient solution to managing the sensor replacements of your AlcoSense Zenith breathalyser automatically, for one year.

We will set up your management plan and email you a confirmation within one business day.

*Available only to customers in Australia

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AlcoSense Zenith Breathalyser Sensor Management

To maintain the integrity of your breathalyser, it needs to be calibrated regularly. However, we understand that you may not have the time or process in place to ensure that this is maintained up to standards. That is why we are offering you a sensor management solution to save you time and money.

For more information, feel free to contact us on 1300 800 200.


With the Zenith Sensor Management Service , we will send you a new replacement sensor every 6 months when your calibration is due. All you have to do is replace the old sensor in your Zenith with the new one.


Sign up now - each subscription is valid for one (1) year and includes 2 replacement sensors and all postage and handling costs.


We send you the replacement sensor every 6 months.

You replace it into your Zenith breathalyser.


$85 a year

Save $15

No reminders required
No need to set your own reminders every 6 months. No need to buy a sensor every time calibration is due. We send you the replacement sensor - you just replace it.

Save time and costs
Our management solution is cheaper, more convenient and faster!

Zero downtime
Get a new sensor every 6 months when your calibration is due. This way you'll always have an accurate, reliable breathalyser.

Extend your warranty
Have your Zenith sensor replaced every 6 months from the date of purchase and we'll cover its warranty. Read more about the AlcoSense Guarantee.


Still not convinced?

You can still get the AlcoSense Zenith breathalyser sensor individually here at $40 each + $10 shipping.




There are two types of replacement sensors available for the Zenith. To prevent us from sending you the wrong sensor, please conduct a simple check on your unit. 

Open the back panel on your Zenith breathalyser. You will see either one of the sensors below. 

If your breathalyser shows a similar image to the left image, you need the Pressure Sensor. If your breathalyser looks similar to the right image, you need the Non-Pressure Sensor. 

Please refer to the image above and select the appropriate sensor above before adding to cart.

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